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The CrossFit classes combine strength training, bodyweight movements, gymnastics skills, mobility work, and much more! The workouts change every day and your body will be challenged in ways you never thought were possible. Each workout is scaled to your fitness level so you can maximize results in each 60-minute class.
If you are looking to get started into your CrossFit journey we will take you through our Beginners program.


LeanX is a CFX unique 60 minutes of high intensity conditioning class! We offer multiple workouts within each class that focus on functional movements, lower impact, interval-style workouts.  This class is a great option for anyone looking to HAVE FUN and improve their basic strength, conditioning, and flexibility. Each class is led by an experienced coach from start to finish.

If you’re tired of doing the same fitness routine day in and day out, come check out our LeanX program!  We have a community of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

Click on the no sweat intro button or give us a call at 937-776-8835 to learn more about LeanX.

Get Excited About Your Workouts

  • Workouts are new and different everyday
  • Workouts are fast-paced, high intensity, and broken into goal-oriented segments.
  • LeanX uses a mix of functional strength movements, flexibility drills, and a wide variety of conditioning methods.
  • Get the awesome effects of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, ropes, rings, and more. 
  • Feed off the energy of your fellow classmates – all pushing each other through the same workout.


Our Beginners program provides people new to CrossFit an opportunity to get comfortable with CrossFit movements. This way new members are able to familiarize themselves with how their body moves, any restrictions they may have, and what their fitness level is. This ensures member safety and success as they begin to push themselves in regular classes.

Join Our Gym.
Our Family.

At CrossFit Xenia we provide a higher degree of teaching, coaching and mentoring in a personal community environment aimed to focus on each of our individual members needs. Rather than a more detached leadership “one-size-fits-all” or “unlimited” program, our coaching staff serves in many ways to fully integrate the high degree of varied skill sets necessary to reach your fitness and health goals.


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