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Crossfit is

When people ask me what CrossFit is I usually don’t answer with, “Constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity over broad time and modal domain.” Yes that is the definition of CrossFit. However; to me and anybody else who has ever stepped into HomeBase Central, CrossFit is more, it is a community and support group. We push ourselves and accomplish incredible fitness achievements in the presence of others.

Community is defined as groups of people with enhanced social connections mutually engaged in an activity or common interest or pursuit. It is human nature to be able to connect and bond with individuals that share a common goal, perform a common action, or face a challenging situation together.

Every time you step unto the HomeBase floor you are going to be pushed, challenged, and drove in ways you have never been driven before or challenged before so will the men and women beside you. Through these challenges the social support you will receive will make you work harder than you ever had. The harder work that is put out the faster we find our desired results.

Together we are going to spread information pertinent to fitness, health, nutrition, and lifestyle. We are going to bust our ass together, hurt together, and become better together. We will achieve great things together and do things we never dreamed we could together.

I promise you that life won’t let up it will keep throwing its punches at us, but the HomeBase Army will throw them back at life with you. If your fear is that CrossFit is too hard for you or you aren’t ready to start. I would tell you Fear is a Liar and tomorrow you will have wished you would’ve started yesterday.

Embrace the challenges, struggles, and changes that not only CrossFit will introduce, but what life will as well. How you handle these struggles and changes is what defines you. The HomeBase Army will embrace these challenges with you and I promise you will love the results.